Australia Post Rrr Agreement

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No postal staff or other staff members directly affected by this change will be involuntarily dismissed during the period ending August 9, 2021. “Finally, front-line employees receive a thank you bonus, in recognition of the hard shipyards that postal workers have been using for many months, by continuing to deliver to customers when they need their postal service the most.” “No jobs are removed from the delivery service, and we were encouraged by the strong response from people who want to switch to parcel delivery.” This agreement will ensure that no jobs are removed from the employment mix for distribution – for which we have fought hard – to protect employment and improve parcel delivery services for our communities. The Australia Post and CEPU are pleased to recommend that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to protect employees` working conditions in accordance with EBA2017, in order to address the continuing uncertainty caused by the COVID 19 pandemic – and to ensure the safety of more than 33,000 postal employees. There is also the assurance that there will be no protected or unprotected trade union action for the duration of the agreement. “We are pleased to have this agreement with the union to ensure the safety of our employees while controlling the impact of COVID-19 on our business. Connect with utility leaders, thinkers and policy experts and join our committed work on AI, eMobility, etc.: “We are pleased to inform you that our members, who directly support the processing and transportation of this post-product product in accordance with temporary delivery standards, will also protect their jobs.” Through our negotiations with the Australia Post, we were able to ensure this victory for our members who were on the front lines of this pandemic and who put their lives at risk for their local communities. Comment from Shane Murphy, President of the CEPU Communications Union: This MoU will protect jobs and home-take wages when the Australia Post implements the Alternate Delivery Model (ADM) in major cities from next month. The mail is distributed every two days, with some posties converted for the distribution and processing of parcels. “We look forward to continuing to work with the union to implement the alternate distribution of mail in major cities and are pleased that cePU recognizes the importance of this temporary change in helping the Australia Post secure business.” Get first-hand information and business intelligence across the entire electricity value-added chain and access to our network of members Comment by Christine Holgate, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Australia Post: We are committed to managing the energy transition and contributing to a dynamic economy with clean, carbon-neutral electricity.

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