Cleaning Contract Agreement Template

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Entrepreneur. The Company and the Contractor fully agree and understand that the Above-mentioned Contractor is a Contractor mandated by the Customer and that nothing in this Agreement may be construed in any way to establish a relationship between the employer and the worker, the principals and representatives, partners or any relationship other than that of the independent parties; agreements concluded exclusively for the purpose of implementing the provisions of the agreement. Upon conclusion of this cleaning contract, either by termination by one of the parties or by the conclusion of the agreed duration of the contract, all goods transferred by the customer to the service provider are returned in the state in which they were given. This cleaning contract may be renewed after conclusion, but neither party renews it or renews it beyond [the agreement. End date]. You have the option to stay or leave the accommodation during the cleaning operations. If you opt for this last point, you should give clear instructions to the cleaning agents in order to avoid confusion. And most importantly, check the accommodation after the cleaning service to see missed places and other concerns. Then the focus should be on the assigned schedules for disinfection. Does the owner need daily, weekly or monthly cleaning? If so, what time and day would the cleaning crew come? With a schedule, both parties can come up with the best plan for the job. In addition, the owner can ensure that the schedule of other people in the house or office works.

A cleaning professional must adhere to an organized schedule. It can be difficult to remember certain data and the moments you want to clean up for your customers. While some areas are easy to dust and clean, other places need the help of experienced cleaners.. . . .

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