Food guide pyramid for vegetarians

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food guide pyramid

From food guide pyramid we can know what type of food we should take to maintain a good health.It is very important to know about the quantity of nutrients we should eat.In food guide pyramid nutrients are divided into different food groups.

Food groups

Cereals- cereals form the staple diet in India e.g. wheat, rice, maize. Cereals generally lack lysine; however rice is richer in lysine compared to other cereals. Rage, a millet, is a rich source of proteins and calcium. Except yellow maize containing carotene other Cereals do not contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

1 Cereal serving=1 katori of cooked rice or 2 chapaties or 2 slices of bread.

1 Cereal serving will supply about 100 calories and 2-3 grams of protein.

Pulses and dals-For vegetarians pulses are rich source of protein, So they should include different pulses in their diet to meet their protein requirement. But they lack Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Sprouted Pulses   should be eaten  because it increases the Vitamin C levels. However, sprouting of pulses increases the Vitamin C levels. Soaking and cooking of legumes destroy their anti-nutritional factors like tannin and trypsin inhibitors and make them easier to digest. Cereal-pulse combination in proportion of 4:1 is enough for its supplementary effect.

1 serving of legumes=1 katori of cooked dal or pulses

1 serving of legumes=100 calories and 6-7 grams proteins.

Vegetables-Green leafy vegetables are very rich source of Vitamin B, carotene, iron, calcium, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. At least fifty grams shouls be consumed daily by everyone. Yellow-orange vegetables are good sources of Vitamin B, carotene, and lycopenes. Roots and tubers are rich in carbohydrates and contain some vitamins and minerals. Three to five servings of vegetables per day are a must and one of them should be a green leafy vegetable.

Fruits-Like vegetables they are also good source of vitamins, minerals and fibres.  Beta-caratone is very important for us which is found in Green,yellow and orange fruits like mango and papaya . For increasing our immunity Vitamin C is must which found in abdundent in  Amla,citrus fruits and guava. Deficiency of iron can be covered by dried fruits like dates . Banana and jackfruit are good source of energy. One must eat two to three servings of fruits per day.

Milk and milk products- Milk is a good source of protein, calcium and vitamins. It is deficient in iron and Vitamin C. Whole milk has a high percentage of fat(8-12%) whereas low-fat or toned milk has about three percent fat. Skimmed milk has very little or no fat. Two to three servings per day are recommended, where one serving=1 cup.



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