Foods for Controlling Stress

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Food for Controlling Stress

If one wants to maintain mental as well as physical health then the first requirement is to control stress. Basically it is the reaction of the body to any change requiring some sort of adjustment that can be either physical or mental. Hence controlling it is essential if one wants to be mentally and physically fit.

Stress is both good and bad. Some stress causes alertness and motivates one to achieve the desired goals. Excess stress is bad and it can lead to mental sickness or depression. Leading a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the stress level in life and make one more resilient and help cope with the major stressors in life. Adapting to a healthy lifestyle means that one can concentrate better, have more energy and have increased stamina. Starting with the proper diet and nutrition plan is the best foundation for a healthy life.

Here are some foods for controlling stress which is essential for a healthy body.

  • Anyone is likely to become sick when the body is stressed as the immune system is not working at full capacity. So always take a healthy and balanced diet which is full of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals as all these things are important.
  • Always take fresh fruits, vegetables and home cooked food when you are stressed.
  • Don’t take food loaded with sugar and fat during stress. During stressful times these types of food always aggravates the situation.  You can reduce your stress to a certain limit by taking vitamin pills or supplements, but there is no alternative to balanced healthy meal.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Breakfast is most important part of our diet. So start the day with a healthy breakfast followed by a light balanced lunch, a fruit as a snack and then a simple non-spicy dinner that is not too late in the night. This plan lays the best foundation against stress.
  • Be alert and have more fruit, vegetable, whole grains, fat-free milk and milk products, lean meat, fish, eggs and nuts.
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