Hair loss and Premature greying – Ayurvedic remedy

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Health and thick hairs are must for ones beauty. These can be achieved by regularly taking care of the hairs and taking a healthy diet. The main cause of thinning and greying of hair is not taking essential nutrients like Vitamin A, B, Iron, Zinc, Copper and minerals in daily diets. Also the air pollution and use of pesticides and chemicals for growing fruits and vegetables are other main culprits.

In the past the people was having long and thick hairs especially women. Now a days even young people at the age of 25 also are having hair problems like thinning and greying of hairs. Modern science has no clear-cut remedy for the healthy hairs. Biggest nightmare for any of us, especially women, is the grey hair emerging in early stage of life.
The problem of greying of hair is when production of the pigment stops due to lack of copper.

Following remedy is a tested ayurvedic remedy for healthy hairs. Weekly use of this will ensure healthy and black hairs.


Shikakai- 500 gm
Reetha – 500 gm
Amla – 250 gm
Tea Powder (Long leaf) – 150 gm
Nagarmotha 50 gm
Jatamasi-100 gm
Guala Khajoora -50 gm
Brahmi – 50 gm
Nimbu / Orange Skin -150 gm (Dried)

Take all the ingredients. Dry it in Sun and grind all of them and mix. Store the powder in dry airtight jar. It can be stored up-to one year.

Method of use:

Take 2 tbsp. of the powder in a Iron skillet and add equal amount of heena (Mehndi) and water and make a thin paste. Leave it over night. Apply the paste on your hairs with brush and leave it for an hour. Rinse the hair with warm water.

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