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If you are a pet lover, you need to take this into account. Often, people don`t like to keep pets because they cause them allergies. On the contrary, there are roommates who like to keep pets, but then you need to clean up the chaos that your pets do. You are both responsible for cleaning your home for your respective pets if you share a common area. If the co-tenants decide that they wish to have participated in the lease, a supplement must be approved and added to the original lease. If the roommates also wish to have an additional roommate agreement indicating the responsibilities of the tenants of one (1) other, this is also an option, but not necessary. A roommate is anyone who shares a home, regardless of classification. Cohabitation with other individuals or families, double households and cohabitation are becoming more frequent, especially in areas where the cost of living is high. This form also helps people solve small problems before they become big problems. If you don`t use a contract with your roommates, you may be faced with some of the following: A colocation contract is not a lease. In most cases, rent, rental term, pet rules, sublease policies, and other related matters have already been set by the landlord in the master lease agreement. This agreement is essential. Other conditions may be laid down by law.

In some countries, for example, subletting is a quasi-enshrined right for tenants, while other jurisdictions limit short-term subletting to counter Airbnb`s influence. These rental and legal conditions are generally not negotiable in a colocation agreement. A roommate agreement allows you to spend time discussing health issues, emotional triggering, interior architecture, and personal belongings. For example, if a person suffers from severe allergies at home, you can insert guidelines limiting certain allergens (pets, etc.). You can also include explicit guidelines about personal property that roommates don`t share, for example. B expensive music equipment, sports equipment or other personal belongings such as electronics. Since you are using the agreement, it is time to read the agreement aloud in front of all the roommates. If you accept any rules, you should sign them all to make sure that you all agree with the rules set out in them and that they have been developed with mutual understanding. If the applicant is approved, it`s time to create a colocation (download) agreement. This must be done with all roommates (if more than two (2) in total).

It is customary that when signing the lease and before moving in, the new roommate pays the deposit (if applicable) and the first (1st) month`s rent. This could save you and all roommates from many headaches if the person tries to get free housing in the short term. Nevertheless, it should not be confused with buying pants, booking a plane ticket or the many other things that facilitate the internet. Sharing an apartment is a personal matter by nature that can have real consequences. In the worst-case scenario, a poorly thought out deal can cause tenants headaches, even financial risks. Don`t assume that common sense serves as a common guide. Don`t assume that other tenants have the same priorities or standards. The best way is to be conservative: carefully examine potential roommates and set the most important terms in a written signed colocation agreement.

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