Stop the Excuses: Eat Breakfast

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Stop Excuses: Eat Breakfast

You get up in the morning and need to drive your car to work but if there is no fuel how you can proceed. We always ensure that there is fuel in our car because obviously you cannot run a car without fuel, but most of the people don’t understand that it is the same for our bodies.

Food is our fuel and if you want to start your day right you must have your breakfast. It has been proved in various studies that without breakfast it’s harder to concentrate and also one feel tiredness.  You will probably thinking about lunch way soon than you should and will not concentrate on your career.

Why then do so many people have a million reasons for not having their breakfast. Common excuses we hear like not enough hunger, no time to have breakfast, don’t like having foods in the morning, and trying to lose weight. If you aren’t feeling hungry in the morning, maybe it’s because you ate your dinner too much and very late or  because it has become a habit to skip breakfast. If you feel that there is no time available for you to take breakfast then wake up ten minutes early by setting the alarm clock. Don’t like having food in the morning? Eat lunch food instead. Trying to lose weight? Don’t ever skip meals as it will never make you to lose weight. It only make you hungrier and you will overeat later.

It is advisable to eat breakfast within one hour of your daily workout schedule. Sometime it is not possible to eat within one hour but try to eat as soon as possible. But the longer you wait to eat, the more likely you will be hungrier  and will eat poorly.

So what does a healthy breakfast mean? The ideal meal should include carbohydrates and high fiber, protein that digests slowly to promote fullness, and healthy fats for energy. This meal will energies you as well as keep you full for four hours or so.  If you take more carbohydrates and lesser protein you will feel hungry in much less time.

Healthy breakfast ideas are:

  1. Take one cup low fat yogurt  and add  a ½ cup of high-fiber cereal like oats or wheat flakes add raisins and honey.
  2. A cup of wheat porridge (Dalia) boil in pressure cooker for about 15 minutes add salt and fresh vegetables and cook for another five minute or till vegetables are done. Add some herbs and black pepper and eat.
  3. Take one cup of wheat flakes with 1 cup non-fat milk, add five soaked almonds or 1 walnuts, and ½ cup freshly sliced strawberries.
  4. A half-cup of dry oats cooked with 1 cup nonfat milk. Add few leafs of saffron, chia seeds, a pinch of cinnamon, 1 tea spoon honey.
  5. Take two slices of whole wheat bread and grate some low fat cheese and make toasts. Eat with three scrambled egg whites and two slices of  tomato and cucumber.
  6. Make vegetable idli prepared from Suji. Lightly tossed mustard seeds, cabbage, capsicum, peas and onion in small quantity of olive oil and add idlis.
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