Wisconsin Interstate Agreement On Detainers

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As used in this Agreement: (a) “State” means a state of the United States; the United States of America; U.S. territory or property; the District of Columbia; the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. (b) “sending State” means a State in which a detainee is detained at the time he or she seeks a final order in accordance with Article III or at the time a request for custody or availability is made in accordance with Article IV. (c) “receiving State” means the State in which an indictment, investigation or complaint is to be prosecuted under Article III or Article IV of this Action. (c) if the competent authority refuses or does not accept the temporary detention of that person, or where an action for indictment, information or complaint on the basis of which custody was lodged is not brought before the court within the time limit laid down in Article III or Article IV, the competent court of the court in which the accusation was brought; Information or complaints that are pending must be the subject of an order rejecting them with prejudice, and any prisoner based on it no longer has any force or effect. (d) The purpose of the temporary detention referred to in this Agreement shall be to permit the prosecution of the indictment or the charges contained in one or more untried charges, information or complaints which form the basis of the detainee(s), or prosecution of other charges or charges arising out of the same transaction. With the exception of his presence in court and during transport within or from a place where his presence may be required, the detainee shall be detained in an appropriate prison or other establishment regularly used for persons awaiting prosecution. (e) The detainee shall be returned to the sending State as soon as possible, in accordance with the objectives of this Agreement. (f) While the detention on remand or otherwise made available to trial while this Agreement continues, the execution of the sentence shall continue, but the detainee shall be entitled to a good time only if and to the extent permitted by the law and practice of the court which imposed the sentence. (g) For all purposes for which temporary detention is exercised in accordance with this Agreement, the detainee shall be deemed to be in detention and subject to his jurisdiction, and any escape from temporary detention may be treated in the same manner as an escape from the original place of detention or by any other means permitted by law. (h) From the time a State Party detains a detainee under this Convention until the detainee is returned to the territory and detained by the sending State, the State in which one or more untried charges, information or complaints are pending or in which the proceedings are taking place shall be responsible for the detainee and shall also bear all costs of transportation; to heal, detain and return the prisoner. .

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