Definition Of Peace Agreement

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We reject any peace agreement that includes President Kiir and Riek Machar as head of the transitional government of national unity, so any peace he signs with the Government of South Sudan will not be legitimate and will not be respected by the general-led SPLM/A-IO. The contract was signed between Ramesses II and HatusiliIII III during the twenty-first year of Ramesse`s reign[14] (c. 1258 BC.C.). Its eighteen articles call for peace between Egypt and Hatti, and then affirm that their people also demand peace. It contains many elements found in more modern treaties, but it is broader than the mere explanation of subsequent treaties on the end of hostilities. It also includes a reciprocity pact in case one of the empires is attacked by a third party or in the event of an internal dispute. There are articles on the forced repatriation of refugees and provisions that they should not be harmed, which could be considered the first extradition treaty. Retaliation is also threatened if the contract is broken. The peace treaty was chosen in two versions, one in Egyptian hieroglyphics and the other in Akkadian with cuneiform writing; Both versions survive. Such bilingual registration is common to many subsequent contracts. However, the treaty is different from the others because the two language versions are written differently. Although most of the text is identical, the hittitic version claims that the Egyptians were prosecuted for peace, and the Egyptian version claims otherwise.

The contract was given to the Egyptians in the form of a silver plate, and the “pocket book” version was brought back to Egypt and carved in the Temple of Karnak. Peace agreements are not always structured in the same way. Sometimes it is just a document made up of different chapters or discrete components. In other cases, any essential element may be part of a comprehensive agreement or be a separate agreement negotiated separately and at different times in a peace process. The content of an agreement also differs from conflict to conflict. The nature of war, the contentious issues and how to end the war are factors that will change the structure and content of a peace agreement. Civil or national wars are usually caused by a failure of governance. Peace agreements that end these conflicts often focus on rebuilding governance mechanisms. Disputed issues in intergovernmental wars are normally related to security or territory. Peace agreements that end intergovernmental conflicts focus primarily on agreements to improve security and clarify territorial issues. [2] Thus, in each of these cases, the content of the peace agreements will obviously be different.

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