Equipment Loan Agreement Doc

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This equipment credit contract is intended to be used on a commercial basis, in which one party must lease equipment to another party. It is not suitable for use if the tenant of the device is a consumer. This equipment credit contract contains training and instruction provisions; Fees and payment and equipment failure. This model offers a flexible agreement that can be used for transactions in which the equipment must be recovered or delivered and paid in regular installments or lump sums. 1. Definitions and interpretation 2. Term 3. Delivery and pickup 4. Fees and payment 5. Title and Risk 6.

Insurance 7. Training 8. Company Enterprise 9. Owner`s business 10. Failure and repair 11. Termination 12. Data protection 13. Responsibility 14. Compensation 15. Type of agreement 16. Major violence 17.

Notifications and Service 18. Applicable law and jurisdiction Calendar 1: Equipment and rental costs Calendar 2: Payment Plan Calendar 3: Training/Orientation Program 4: Statement of Work.

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