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About this article: Simon & Schuster, New York, 1947. Linked edition. Condition: Good. State protection envelope: fair. Book Club Edition. The New York Herald Tribune said, “This story is under the skin. He reaches a grandiose emotional tension. It makes you angry to think about your own code, your own silence. The Philadelphia Inquirer says, “A cast like this is rare in today`s literature. You won`t escape the effects of your problems for days after you finish the book. It`s good for the fair DJ. The spine is worn and fades. Exlibris of the famous collector Rolland Comstock on Front Pastedown. Shipping on the same or next business day. ; 8, 8 » – 9 »; 275 pages.

Seller Inventory #66900 It is interesting that Mrs. Hobson`s novel about anti-Semitism is published, and obviously very happy with the same house that, a few years ago, deliberately suppressed a book by Jerome Weidman on the grounds that its unattractive Jewish characters would reinforce anti-Jewish sentiment in this country. In the course of Mrs. Hobson`s story, we are actually talking about the Weidman species; It must be understood that Ms. Hobson also refuses to draw attention to unpleasant Jewish examples. The hero of the gentleman`s Agreement was commissioned to make a series of articles on anti-Semitism for a mass review; In search of a new “point of view” for the series – for a new one, and a new one that the subject naturally demands – he browses his library and comes across three books, each with a “dishonest, intriguing or repugnant” Jew as the main character. “Did it ever occur to one of them,” phil Green said, furious at his authors, “to write about a good guy who was Jewish? Did everyone have a wild need to choose a Jew who was a pig in the wholesale trade, a Jew who was a pig in the movies, a Jew who was a pig in bed? The book does not deal with professional arsonists and their thug organizations. It focuses in the first place on those who claim that they have nothing against the Jews, and yet a remark here and a remark show that they unconsciously differentiate between themselves and Jews.

About this article: Simon & Schuster, 1947. Linked edition. Condition: Near Fine. State Protection Envelope: Very good. BCE. NY, Simon & Schuster, 1947 BCE, NF/NF, grey/green hardboard with blue inscription and blindstamp design, very slightly pushed corners, light print – discoloration on the first page, Dust jacket is beautiful full color clear illustration by Tom Lovell, chipped/worn edges. This is a first ECB. Hobson was one of the most influential writers of the mid-twentieth century and became famous for her novel Gentleman`s Agreement, which exposed anti-Semitism in American culture. The film was directed under the direction of Darryl F. Zanuck, who received 3 Acadamy Awards and was nominated for 8. Before writing the book, Hobson said I have an idea for a book that magazines will never watch, the movie won`t touch each other, and the audience won`t buy it – but I have to.

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