Telkom Vodacom Roaming Agreement

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The roaming agreement with MTN was a more traditional agreement in which subscribers simply connected to MTN when Telkom`s coverage was insufficient. According to Telkom, the roaming agreement will involve a smooth transfer between the Telkom and Vodacom networks and will allow Telkom to use Vodacom towers, antennas and shelters to create its own network. Vodacom not only provided access to its faster LTE network, but it also offered Telkom seamless roaming. This means fewer calls interrupted when you move between coverage cells of two (or more) turns. In response to Telkom`s claims, Joosub said Vodacom`s partnership with Rain was no different from the roaming agreement with Telkom. In 2018, partly state-owned Telkom ended its roaming agreement with MTN and signed a new partnership with Vodacom, the country`s leading mobile operator. Telkom confirmed that the implementation of the roaming agreement in the rest of the country will be completed by the end of June 2019. Telkom told MyBroadband that the transition process is underway and roaming assistance is being introduced in some parts of the country. Thanks to the new roaming agreement, Telkom also has access to more than 19,000 towers throughout South Africa: 14,000 on the Vodacom network and 5,000 on its own network. Rain has an agreement that allows it to access Vodacom`s network towers, and Vodacom has also entered into a roaming agreement for the use of Rain`s 4G spectrum.

Apleni explained that Telkom recently switched from MTN as a roaming network partner to Vodacom. Since its inception nine years ago, Telkom has entered into a roaming agreement with MTN for 2G and 3G services. Telkom will make a gradual transition from the current roaming agreement. This process will end in June 2019, when the contract with MTN will end. In November 2018, Vodacom and Telkom announced a major roaming agreement that would allow Telkom customers to break down on Vodacom`s LTE network. She highlighted three key areas where Telkom wanted to make improvements through its new roaming agreement: MyBroadband asked Vodacom and Telkom about the current state of the roaming agreement and the expected timeline for its full implementation. Joosub said that due to Telkom`s roaming agreement, traffic would increase, but replace the use of Cell C, which was now managed by MTN`s infrastructure. With the launch of the TelkomSA-R network, subscribers are signaling that they are being pushed to Vodacom roaming and getting stuck there. Under the former roaming agreement, Telkom subscribers could only access MTN`s 3G/HSPA+ network. Watch or listen to the podcast to learn more about Telkom`s views on the Vodacom and Rain agreements, as well as similar roaming agreements between Vodacom and MTN and Liquid Telecoms for the use of 5G and 4G/LTE infrastructure.

Apleni said they only completely cut off MTN roaming on the Telkom network in the last days of June and will continue to optimize the network configuration over the next few weeks. “Telkom is roaming on the Vodacom network, Cell C is roaming on the Vodacom and MTN networks. We made no secret of the fact that because we had capacity limitations and Rain had the capacity, we bought capacity from them through a roaming agreement,” Joosub said, adding that the agreements had been tested by both the Competition Commission and the South African Independent Communications Authority (Icasa). Mahlangu said the question was not whether Vodacom and Rain should enter into the agreements they have, but whether they should be forced to go through merger law. Telkom currently has a roaming contract with MTN, which expires in June 2019. “One of the realities we face as an operator in South Africa is that we have had to use roaming agreements to maintain the demand for the necessary capacity.” Telkom said on Wednesday it had applied to the Competition Court, which would rule on all anti-dominant cartel cases, to review agreements first reviewed in 2018 by the competition watchdog, the Competition Commission and Icasa. . .


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